Kay Marie and Carol's School of Dance (KMC) has teachers who bring personal integrity and the philosophy of striving for excellence, together with a sincere concern for the needs of each student.

The studio continually offers the highest quality instruction with the emphasis on individual development.

We strive to expand each dancer's imagination, build self-esteem, promote self-discipline and help establish a positive attitude toward teamwork and cooperation with others.

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Shannon Harris - Owner & Operator

Shannon Harris - Owner & Operator

Shannon has been with KMC for over 40 years, she walked in at the age of 5 and dance quickly became an important part of her life. Her love for dance continued on as she grew up, first hired as an assistant, then becoming a teacher.  She has traveled across the country, attending conventions and learning from various choreographers. She choreographed and has performed for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Lynx and Vikings.  She has won many awards with her dances, including technique, entertainment, and choreography.

Upon taking ownership in 2016 of the Robbinsdale, Shorewood and Arlington studios, Shannon plans on continuing the values that have helped KMC get to where they are today.  She strongly believes in giving back to the community, making every child feel welcome and safe in the studio.  She loves teaching fun, challenging dances to kids and watch them take her vision and flourish.  She is excited for the future with the team she works with! She currently lives in Shorewood, has three sons, Connor, Gabe & Quinn.  In her spare time she loves gardening and spending time with her pugs.

Mary Becker - Administrative Assistant - Human Resources

Mary Becker - Administrative Assistant - Human Resources

Mary has been affiliated with KMC Studios for over 20 years. Both her daughter, Molly, and her son, Jacob were dancers with KMC Studios for many years.  Mary’s dance background includes dancing for area studios as a child and her high school and college dance teams.  Mary is a choreographer for Fridley Public Schools and Fridley Community Theater. Her day job is with Dieci School Finance as a HR Consultant.  She has a B.A. Degree in Elementary Education from St. Thomas University and a Master’s in Human Resource Development from Clemson University. She lives in Coon Rapids with her husband Kurt and two dogs. Mary loves all things dance especially watching young people grow in their skill and artistry.

Joe Girod - Acro Instructor

Joe Girod - Acro Director

Joe is a son and nephew KMC founders, Kay Marie and Carol. Joe grew at the studio, taking dance and gymnastics classes throughout his childhood. Joe competed in high schools gymnastics at Armstrong High School and was a captain and an All-Conference gymnast. He has been teaching gymnastics for 30 plus years and is passionate about developing the skills of each and every student. 

Joe graduated from the University of Minnesota and works for a financial services company in Minneapolis. He lives in New Hope with his wife Sandy and their three children, who all share his passion for KMC Dance. In his spare time, Joe enjoys coaching his daughters’ softball teams, boating and enjoys time with family and friends.

Curt Adams - Acro Instructor

Curt Adams - Acro Director

Curt's bio to come soon.

Krystl Adam - Dance Instructor

Krystl Adams - Show Unit and Youth Director

Krystl has been with KMC Dance for over 30 years. She stepped into the Robbinsdale location when she was four years old. Little did she know that she would fall in love with dancing, and her dance family. She competitively danced for over 12 years in group performances, duets, small lines, and as a soloist. At the age of 14 she started assisting young dancers and advanced to assisting performing lines known as the Show Unit at KMC. After graduating high school she began teaching classes of all ages. She has been teaching for over 20 years.

Krystl manages the Robbinsdale and Shorewood locations for KMC Dance. She now instructs all performing line classes. She is trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical and hip hop. Continuously growing her knowledge with dance, she has attended various conventions around the United States. Krystl has won many choreography and judge’s awards over the years with her group dances, soloists, and duets. Numerous dances have gone to Nationals in Las Vegas, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Her love for dance grows and grows each year. Teaching children the art of dance brings such fulfillment to her life. She believes dance is great for your body and mind and the studio is a place to learn great values in life.

Gina Halvarson - Dance Instructor

Gina Halvarson - Lyrical and Contemporary Director

Gina has been with KMC for over 20 years. Throughout her years at KMC she competed in large groups, small lines and as a soloist.  She also danced competitively on her high school dance team where she was captain and helped lead the team to State.  She became an assistant at the studio in high school and then became an instructor.

Gina teaches at the Robbinsdale and Shorewood locations. She teaches all ages from the preschoolers to our competition lines as well as runs the lyrical and contemporary program at all locations.  Trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and contemporary, she studied lyrical and contemporary in Los Angeles for a year to help further her knowledge. She helped lead many dancers to National events in Ohio, Michigan and Texas.  Some of her proudest moments included her students taking home multiple runner up finishes, and winning the title of national champion for Junior Small Lines, "Turn to Stone", Teen Small Groups "Ellis Island" She has also received the choreography award on multiple occasions.

The KMC teachers, parents and students have become a second family to her. Her goal in each class is to teach students the love of dance through positive reinforcement. Finding a dancer's individual strengths and helping them grow and achieve their goals is one of her greatest accomplishments.  She believes every child has a place at KMC. Teaching kids dance brings her enormous amounts of joy!

Taleigh Richardson - Assistant Dance Instructor

Taleigh Richardson - Youth and Hip hop Director

Taleigh danced at KMC for 15 years working her way up to competing in large groups, small groups as well as a soloist. She was also apart of her high school Dance Team on both performance and competition teams as captain. After graduating, Taleigh became an instructor for the studio, falling in love with dance even more.

Taleigh teaches at all three studio locations. She teaches every age the studio offers from preschoolers to our oldest competition lines. She leads the hip hop program at all locations as well as the youth program. Taleigh is trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. She has attended many conventions offered by competitions to further her knowledge in dance. Taleigh has found such a great love for KMC throughout the years. She is extremely grateful to continue on with the studio teaching all the kids what she loves most.

Jacob Becker - Assistant Dance Instructor

Jacob Becker - Dance Instructor

In addition to being an instructor at KMC, Jacob is a company member with the contemporary dance company Crash Dance Productions. Jacob started at KMC in the Mommy & Me class when he was just 3 years old. He then competed for many years with KMC and has received many accolades for his performance and choreography. At the regional and national level he has been recognized by many competitions as a top choreographer for his work with soloists, duet/Trios, and several groups within the KMC family. Jacob feels lucky to have a family like KMC to come to almost every day. He loves his dance family and knows he will always have them by his side, on and off the dance floor.

Lauren Sherman - Assistant Dance Instructor

Lauren Sherman - Dance Instructor

Lauren started dancing at KMC at the age of 3 and continued on for the next 15 years. After graduating, she continued on at the studio as an Instructor. Throughout her years as a dancer, Lauren took classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary. She competed in groups, as well as solos and duets. In high school, she participated in dance team, dancing at State for 4 consecutive years and became Senior Captain. Lauren began working at the studio at the age of 15.
Lauren teaches at the Shorewood location with many of the competition lines. She is currently a student at the University of Minnesota, working towards a B.A. in Psychology.
In all of her years at the studio, Lauren has found another family at KMC. She loves watching all of the dancers progress, as well as getting to know them on a more personal level. She feels so lucky to have a job that brings her as much joy as teaching does.

Jordan Case Allan - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Jordan Case-Allan - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Jordan has been loving to dance ever since she was a student here at KMC studios. Now that she is an alumni and has been teaching here since 2013 she has made many accomplishments. She has gone to the solo showdown at Hall of Fame dance challenge nationals for the past three years. She loves teaching , especially contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop. Giving her knowledge to the students is a joy to Jordan.

Sarah Jaakola - Assistant Dance Instructor

Sarah Jaakola - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Sarah Jaakola has been apart of the KMC family for the past 15 years. She can't remember a time when she wasn't dancing. This will be Sarah's 5th year working with KMC and she couldn't be more excited. Sarah has performed on a recreational and competitive level doing multiple group dances, solos, and duets. She is a senior at Champlin Park High School where she is also on the Dance Team. Going to the studio is the best part of Sarah's week. She loves to see the kids bright and smiley faces. When Sarah isn't dancing she enjoys playing with her dog and spending time with her family.

Austin Maki - Assistant Dance Instructor

Austin Maki - Assistant Dance Instructor

A senior at Buffalo High School, Austin is involved in National Honor Society, Baseball, Impact Leaders, and Students Stepping Up. He's been dancing at KMC since he was 3, for a total of 14 years, but his family has been a part of the studio for over 30 years. Austin has been competing solos and duets/trios since he's started, and has achieved high rankings and judge's awards throughout the years. His favorite parts of dancing at KMC are performing for others, and our commitment to the community and many various charities. Austin has made many forever friendships and considers KMC to be his second family. Since he's started working at KMC, he's found that he really enjoys working with kids and teaching them new things. He especially enjoys assisting the Daddy/Daughter dance every year, because he gets to work with various ages, and gets to know the families as well as just the students. Because of this, he's worked at student care centers and plans to become a pediatrician to continue working with children in the future.  Austin hopes to help every student enjoy dancing and to remind them to always have fun!

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Ahna has been apart of KMC Studios for 15 years. She grew up around the studio, as her Grandmother is the co-founder of KMC. Her favorite thing about teaching acro is the happiness that radiates through the studio when a student gets a new trick. In additional teaching, she has also participated in many group dances, In her last two seasons her Lyrical group “Helium” and “Bridge over troubled water” went undefeated in their regular season. Ahna also loves being able to watch her younger sisters, Maria and Julia, further their dance education and love for the sport at this studio. When she is not at the studio she is playing fast pitch softball. KMC has been Ahnas second family since she was three. It is very positive community and she can’t wait to help other students feel as welcomed and loved and she did.

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Maria Girod - Assistant Dance Instructor

Maria's bio to come soon.

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Grace Monson - Assistant Dance Instructor

Grace has been dancing with KMC for over 10 years and is thrilled to be part of the KMC instructing team. She is currently a teacher’s assistant for multiple locations but considers Robbinsdale her home base. In addition to assisting, Grace has participated in a variety of group routines, solos and duets on a recreational and competitive level.  Over the last two years Grace has won first overall at the Hall of Fame nationals for her solo “Should Have”(2018) and her duet “Acceptance of the End” (2019).  Dance at KMC has been so much more to Grace than just a sport, its provided her with a second family and she is beyond excited to share her enthusiasm for dance with others.

Grace Blackwell - Assistant Dance Instructor

Grace has been dancing at KMC for 12 years. She is beyond excited to be a part of the KMC instructing team. She loves being at studio where she feels included and loved by everyone. Grace dances at the studio several times a week and enjoys every minute of it. Grace says that there is no place she would rather be. The dancers and instructors at the studio are her second family. The amount of care, trust, and love shared through the studio is what makes Grace so happy to be a part of the family. She is very grateful for the zany group of people she can call her KMC family.

Maryn Pazdernik - Assistant Dance Instructor

Maryn, a ten-year dancer, first began her training with Just for Kix in Brainerd, MN.  Following a family move to Arlington, MN, KMC Dance became her second dance family as she entered kindergarten at Sibley East.  As she grew in age and passion, she joined the “Show Unit” in Shorewood.  And, most recently while juggling a scheduling conflict, she chose to register for classes at the Robbinsdale Studio.  Dancing and sharing her love for dance with her friends and families is what she likes most about KMC! Much of Maryn’s success can be attributed to her instructors and choreographers.  This summer, Maryn’s junior small line, “Turn to Stone,” won the National Championship title at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge in Galveston, Texas.  “Muddy Waters,” a contemporary group, was awarded first runner up; and her solo, “Equation,” garnered a First Place Platinum, Judges’ Choice Award for Showmanship, and a Top Score finish.  She was also invited to perform as a member of the Hall of Fame 2018 All-Star team which is the opening production for the World Series of Dance finals. Outside of the studio, you can find Maryn playing softball, dancing for the Minnesota Vikings All-Stars, participating in Girl Scouts, altar serving at her church and she is a member of the academic honor roll at Sibley East.This fall, Maryn was hired as a teacher’s assistant in Arlington where she enjoys helping dancers in her hometown on Wednesdays.Maryn looks forward to meeting more dancers at each of the studios, helping them grow, and making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! 

Emilia Cleveland- Assistant Dance Instructor

Emilia has been dancing at KMC Studios in Robbinsdale since she was three years old and her love for dance has only grown since then as she’s taken part in almost every class available at the studio. Her work as a dancer includes ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, pointe, and acro. In the 2019-2020 competition season, Emilia placed first as a contemporary soloist and duet partner. In addition, Emilia participated in her school gymnastics team, further honing her acro skills. Emilia is excited to give back and use her experience as a dancer to support the KMC student family as they develop and grow their skills and flourish as dancers.