Kay Marie and Carol's School of Dance (KMC) has teachers who bring personal integrity and the philosophy of striving for excellence, together with a sincere concern for the needs of each student.

The studio continually offers the highest quality instruction with the emphasis on individual development.

We strive to expand each dancer's imagination, build self-esteem, promote self-discipline and help establish a positive attitude toward teamwork and cooperation with others.

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Shannon Harris - Owner & Operator

Shannon Harris - Owner & Operator

Shannon has been with KMC for over 40 years, she walked in at the age of 5 and dance quickly became an important part of her life. Her love for dance continued on as she grew up, first hired as an assistant, then becoming a teacher.  She has traveled across the country, attending conventions and learning from various choreographers. She choreographed and has performed for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Lynx and Vikings.  She has won many awards with her dances, including technique, entertainment, and choreography.

Upon taking ownership in 2016 of the Robbinsdale, Shorewood and Arlington studios, Shannon plans on continuing the values that have helped KMC get to where they are today.  She strongly believes in giving back to the community, making every child feel welcome and safe in the studio.  She loves teaching fun, challenging dances to kids and watch them take her vision and flourish.  She is excited for the future with the team she works with! She currently lives in Shorewood, has three sons, Connor, Gabe & Quinn.  In her spare time she loves gardening and spending time with her pugs.

Mary Becker - Administrative Assistant - Human Resources

Mary Becker - Administrative Assistant - Human Resources

Mary has been affiliated with KMC Studios for over 16 years. Her daughter Molly danced at KMC for 13 years and her son Jacob is a current dancer and assistant teacher. Mary danced at area dance studios as a child, as well as her High School Dance Team and her College Dance Team where she was the captain. Mary has a B.A. degree from the University of St. Thomas in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Clemson University. She has been in Human Resources for over 20 years and is currently the Human Resource Director for Minnesota Transitions Charter Schools. She lives in Fridley with her husband Kurt, children and two dogs. Mary loves all things dance especially watching young people grow in their skill and artistry.

Joe Girod - Acro Instructor

Joe Girod - Acro Director

Joe is a son and nephew KMC founders, Kay Marie and Carol. Joe grew at the studio, taking dance and gymnastics classes throughout his childhood. Joe competed in high schools gymnastics at Armstrong High School and was a captain and an All-Conference gymnast. He has been teaching gymnastics for 30 plus years and is passionate about developing the skills of each and every student. 

Joe graduated from the University of Minnesota and works for a financial services company in Minneapolis. He lives in New Hope with his wife Sandy and their three children, who all share his passion for KMC Dance. In his spare time, Joe enjoys coaching his daughters’ softball teams, boating and enjoys time with family and friends.

Curt Adams - Acro Instructor

Curt Adams - Acro Director

Curt's bio to come soon.

Krystl Adam - Dance Instructor

Krystl Adams - Show Unit Director

Krystl has been with KMC Dance for over 30 years. She stepped into the Robbinsdale location when she was four years old. Little did she know that she would fall in love with dancing, and her dance family. She competitively danced for over 12 years in group performances, duets, small lines, and as a soloist. At the age of 14 she started assisting young dancers and advanced to assisting performing lines known as the Show Unit at KMC. After graduating high school she began teaching classes of all ages. She has been teaching for over 20 years.

Krystl manages the Robbinsdale and Shorewood locations for KMC Dance. She now instructs all performing line classes. She is trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical and hip hop. Continuously growing her knowledge with dance, she has attended various conventions around the United States. Krystl has won many choreography and judge’s awards over the years with her group dances, soloists, and duets. Numerous dances have gone to Nationals in Las Vegas, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Her love for dance grows and grows each year. Teaching children the art of dance brings such fulfillment to her life. She believes dance is great for your body and mind and the studio is a place to learn great values in life.

Shaunna Lee - Dance Instructor

Shaunna - Youth Program and Hip Hop Director

Shaunna has been a part of KMC for 26 years. She has been teaching students for 13 years. She explores many different styles such as tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet/pointe and various technique classes. Her choreography has won many judges awards for showmanship, technique and concept. The KMC values of sportsmanship, community and encouraging others have shaped her life and are at the core of her teaching style. Her classes are full of energy and lots of FUN! Shaunna's enthusiasm is contagious when she teaches her classes. Smiles are on the faces of the dancers and parents as she blends her confident personality with her teaching style. She is most well known as THE hip hop instructor. The spunk and effort she puts into each class make her the perfect fit for active students.  She aims to make a connection with each student during their class period and makes sure that they are leaving the studio with a smile upon their face.

Gina Halvarson - Dance Instructor

Gina Halvarson - Lyrical and Contemporary Director

Gina has been apart of KMC for over 20 years. Throughout her years at KMC she competed in large groups, small lines and as a soloist.  She also danced competitively on her high school dance team where she was captain and helped lead the team to State.  She became an assistant in high school and then became a teacher.

Gina teaches at the Robbinsdale and Shorewood locations.  She teaches all ages from the preschoolers to our competition lines. She helps lead the lyrical program as well as runs the contemporary program at both locations.  Trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and contemporary.  She studied lyrical and contemporary in Los Angeles for a year to help further her knowledge. The KMC teachers, parents and students have become a second family to her. Her goal in each class is to teach students the love of dance through positive reinforcement.  Teaching kids dance brings her enormous amounts of joy.

Maddi Ekhoff - Dance Instructor

Maddi Ekhoff  has been apart of the KMC Dance family for 14 years as a dancer, and 6 years as an assistant. Maddi is very excited to be returning this year as a teacher in Shorewood on Tuesdays and in Robbinsdale on Thursdays! Returning to KMC means a lot to Maddi as she grew up in the studio and learned to love and appreciate dance; she hopes to pass of that love of dance to her students this season. Maddi is enrolled at Normandale Community College in Bloomington studying communication and business; hoping to someday be a corporate trainer. Maddi is looking forward to getting to know everyone and having an amazing dance season.

Jacob Becker - Assistant Dance Instructor

Jacob Becker - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

In addition to being an instructor and a teachers assistant at the KMC Studio in Robbinsdale, Jacob is also a dancer on the Rhythmettes competition line. Jacob started at KMC in the Mommy & Me class when he was just 3 years old. He has competed for years in both regional and national competitions, and, as a soloist using his own choreography, earned several awards. Most recently his 2016 contemporary solo "Deadly" won the choreography award and third place overall at Hall of Fame nationals, and a second place finish in the Solo Showdown at the same competition. Jacob feels lucky to have a family like KMC to come to almost every day and it is an added joy to help teach the little ones and see how excited they get when the hear their tap shoes make a noise or when they get a sticker for a good day. Jacob loves dance, his dance family, and KMC.

Taleigh Richardson - Assistant Dance Instructor

Taleigh Richardson - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Taleigh has been dancing at KMC for 15 years but this is her first year as a teacher! Taleigh recently graduated from Armstrong High School where she was the captain of the dance team. She hopes to have many more accomplishments in her dance career. Taleigh thinks the only thing better than working with kids is working with kids to teach them to dance.

Jordan Case Allan - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Jordan Case-Allan - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

In addition to being an instructor and a teacher’s assistant at the KMC Studios in Robbinsdale and Shorewood, Jordan is also a sophomore at Mainstreet School of Performing Arts. Jordan started at KMC in the pre-show class at 6 years old and is currently a Rhythmette dancer . She has competed for several years in both regional and national competitions, and, as a soloist using her own choreography, earned several awards. Most recently her 2016 contemporary solo "My Kind of Love" won the ‘powerhouse’ award and fourth place overall at Hall of Fame nationals, and a second place finish in the Solo Showdown at the same competition. Jordan feels blessed to be a part of the KMC family. The studio truly is her second home and she loves sharing her passion for dance with the dancers she works with. Jordan loves dance and the supportive dance family she is a part of at KMC.

Sarah Jaakola - Assistant Dance Instructor

Sarah Jaakola - Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance Instructor

Dance has been a huge part of Sarah's life - she started when she was 3 years old. She can't remember a time when she wasn't dancing. This is Sarah's third year working with the KMC family. In 2015, her lyrical group made it to nationals in Las Vegas, NV which she says was an awesome experience and a great accomplishment! She loves working with kids because she enjoys seeing their happy faces every week - it brightens her day. Sarah is also a student at Champlin Park High School where she is also a Varsity cheerleader. When she's not dancing or teaching dance, she likes baking, playing with my dogs, and doing word searches. She is really looking forward to working with you and your family.

Madison Bebow - Assistant Dance Instructor

Madison Bebow - Assistant Dance Instructor

A student at KMC and proud to call herself a first mate, Madison is now starting her 15th year of dance at the Shorewood studio. This upcoming year will be her 3rd year working as a dance assistant, and second working with show unit. She believes that not only is this job rewarding for the experience of teaching but also making strong connections with younger dancers. Working with kids never fails to make Madison smile. She thinks the studio has really created a welcoming and caring environment for all dancers and parents and this is the reason she has come to call them her family - an unbreakable bond and relationships that will last for the rest of her life.

Lauren Sherman - Assistant Dance Instructor

Lauren Sherman - Assistant Dance Instructor

Lauren is in the first mate's show unit at the Shorewood studio and has been dancing at KMC Dance for 14 years. Coming to the studio is one of the best parts of her  week and this is her second year assistant teaching with all of the lyrical groups. Along with that, she has been on her high school dance team for 4 years. One of her favorite aspects of teaching is seeing how much all of the dancers improve throughout the year and she loves getting to know all the dancers at the studio as well. Throughout her years at the studio, she has competed in many group routines, solos, and duets.  She loves all the people who dance alongside her and considers KMC her home after all these years.

Ava Ronnigen - Assistant Dance Instructor

Ava Ronnigen has been with KMC for 13 years and this is her second year as an assistant. She loves working with kids, they have so much to say and always seem to be positive and smiling. Ava says that dance makes her happy and she enjoys coming to the studio because everyone is so nice. It's like one big happy family. The bond that she has formed with the other dancers is forever and she has met most of her closest friends through the studio. She is thankful for her KMC family.

Austin Maki - Assistant Dance Instructor

Austin Maki - Assistant Dance Instructor

A senior at Buffalo High School, Austin is involved in National Honor Society, Baseball, Impact Leaders, and Students Stepping Up. He's been dancing at KMC since he was 3, for a total of 14 years, but his family has been a part of the studio for over 30 years. Austin has been competing solos and duets/trios since he's started, and has achieved high rankings and judge's awards throughout the years. His favorite parts of dancing at KMC are performing for others, and our commitment to the community and many various charities. Austin has made many forever friendships and considers KMC to be his second family. Since he's started working at KMC, he's found that he really enjoys working with kids and teaching them new things. He especially enjoys assisting the Daddy/Daughter dance every year, because he gets to work with various ages, and gets to know the families as well as just the students. Because of this, he's worked at student care centers and plans to become a pediatrician to continue working with children in the future.  Austin hopes to help every student enjoy dancing and to remind them to always have fun!

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Ahna has been dancing at KMC for 12 years and just completed her 9th year of gymnastics. She is the granddaughter of KMC co-founder, Carol, who passed on to her a love of teaching. What Ahna loves most about about KMC is that the studio is like one big family and the continued commitment to serve in the community. Her favorite thing about assisting is watching all the gymnasts grow and develop. Ahna has two sisters who both dance and take acro at KMC. She attends Armstrong High School and when she is not at the studio, she is playing fastpitch softball.

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Maria Girod - Assistant Dance Instructor

Maria's bio to come soon.

Ahna Girod - Assistant Acro Instructor

Grace Monson - Assistant Dance Instructor

Grace has been dancing with KMC for 9 years and is thrilled to join the KMC instructing team. She has participated in a variety of group routines, solos and duets on a recreational and competitive level.  Dance at KMC has been so much more to Grace than just a sport, its provided her with a second family and she can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for dance with others.